Symmetric Light Photography

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I have been experimenting with long exposure photography, and moving lights since 1995. Starting with the purchase of a new digital camera in 2009, I began taking photos at outdoor concert light shows after the sun went down. I discovered that by copying the image I could create interesting images that are very structured, and captivating. By varying the light source, I can achieve a wide variety of line quality, essentially creating an artist’s palette of colours, brushstrokes, and textures. Even more interesting than the graphic quality is the optical effects of seeing light moving at a fast speed. A regular incandescent light bulb actually blinks 60 times a second – faster than the naked eye can perceive. But by moving a camera quickly you start to see that the light trails created become dotted or dashed lines. This is because the camera is able to capture this fast blinking of the light bulb.

This pair of photos depicts a view of the midway at the Ottawa Super Expo in the summer of 2011. The light source was a concession stand sign, and blinking carnival ride lights.

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