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The name is Bond… Rick Bond

Spy? Hardly. But if British Intelligence designed websites I would be double-oh-seven. If Moneypenny was building a startup or building a brand, I would be her trusted agent. I may have as many tech gadgets at my disposal as “Q”, but I also dual-wield Graphic Design and Marketing. Much like the other Mr. Bond with his tradecraft and license to kill, I deploy arts & crafts and a license to distill your business objectives into results.

If you need an experienced agent who likes to stir up more than just a martini, you don’t have to look any further.

I love what I do, eh?

Whether it’s designing a logo for a small local business, or developing a website for a National Museum I really, really love what I do. Some of my favourite projects have been collaborations between myself and marketing professionals where the end result is as much a team effort as a singular vision. Often I am asked how I came up with a certain approach or concept. The answer behind my response is simple: I love what I do.

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