Client Service Portal UI/UX

This web app UI combines reporting data from multiple sources. Clients can log in and view performance on key aspects of their business. A self-serve approach makes the process of procuring IT hardware and software more efficient.

A positive user experience is elicited by empowerment. Users are used to seeing dashboards with outdated UIs, endless rows of data, and little actionable information. Improvements were made by updating the interface design, reducing data “clutter”, and making it available for mobile executives on the go.

Icon Design Ottawa

Custom Icon Design

Illustrative icons representing cities of four regional offices were created. Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal.

Icon Design Ottawa

User Interface Design

This bespoke user interface design features parallax scrolling, subtle animation, and a flat look & feel.

Icon Design Ottawa

User Experience Design

A pleasurable user experience is triggered by warm photography and inviting tone, downplay of industry jargon, and a user-centric design that focuses on the user first – business needs second.

Icon Design Ottawa

Responsive Web Design

This website was designed mobile-first, with smartphone-sized screens in mind. The site has a responsive web design, meaning it automatically formats to many screen sizes and devices.