Amazing camera captures photons, sees around corners

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I was watching a Ted Talk with my roommate Mark last night that blew my mind. A group at MIT have built a prototype camera that can capture 1-billionth of a second in time. 1,000,000,000,000. That’s faster than a milli-second, heck it’s faster than a nano-second! Using a lazer pointer they fire a “bullet” of light and are able to watch it move in slow motion. This is demonstrated in the video below where a lazer-bullet is fired through a coke bottle and waves of reflected and refracted light are caught by the camera.

Seeing around corners could be the next super-hero power. By using this technology, the team at MIT was able to measure the time it takes for reflected light to bounce back to the camera and reconstruct a model hidden around a corner in their test setup. This is truly revolutionary. The name of this new way of seeing? Femto-photography.

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