South Nation UX / UI Design

South Nation Conservation (SNC) is a group of scientists, educators, and citizens with a rich history and vital role in maintaining the environment. Over the years, this institution has published hundreds of pages of amazing content. But as their site grew, so did the need for a better approach and easier navigation. I worked with the project team to rigorously classify their content and establish links between the many environmental needs of the community and their organization. An important aim of this effort was to empower SNC to self-publish their captivating material in a more comprehensive and efficient way.

UX/UI Design

SNC Wireframes UX / UIAs the lead UX/UI designer I began by asking questions to better understand activity on the existing site and how that could inform the redesign. The clients responses were translated into wireframes to fully visualize (and help communicate to SNC) how a more intuitive site layout would work. By keeping a consistent page hierarchy and adding breadcrumbs to the site, users are always be able to see where they are in the site, where they can navigate from here, and what other related pages are available. Main sections of the site are colour-coded in the navigation, a subtle detail in the overall UX/UI solution that greatly increased the usability of the site for users.

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