From WordPress to Facebook and Twitter… Automattically!

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Recently a client who has WordPress site asked me about automatically publishing a new article to their facebook and twitter account. Like many feature requests clients ask me for WordPress, my first thought was “there must be a way to do this already.” Sure enough, Automattic – the company behind WordPress itself has a app plugin for that.

What you will need:

  • The ability to install plugins on your wordpress blog, usually with an admin account
  • The Jetpack plugin
  • A account
  • An account with the social media channels you want to share on (facebook, twitter, and/or linkedin)

Step by step: Publicize for Jetpack

Jetpack screenshot

Step 1

After a quick install of Publicize, you will see a slew of options that leverage – the hosted version of wordpress. In my case I host my own wordpress site, so connecting my site to was the first step. No worries, a big orange button led the way and luckily I was able to remember a login and password (for once). If this is done right, you should see a brand new carSharing” option in your blog Settings menu.

Step 2

Step two requires connecting your facebook and twitter accounts to the new sharing section – easily done by entering in your username and password for these services. I also connected my LinkedIn account for good measure.

Step 3

Once this is done, the third step is to try publishing a post and HEY!… wait what’s that? There’s now a publicize option in the top right corner. Nifty. Well played Automattic.

Get more information on using Publicize for Jetpack here at

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