Customs and Immigration Union

Website Design

The site was designed and tested at multiple breakpoints, from the iPad to Android devices to the iPhone. CIU’s full colour bilingual logo is prominent on each page. The colors are consistent with the CIU website and brand. A secondary colour palette that compliments the logo colours was created to aid in user navigation and content categorization. The end result is a consistent look and feel, with a layout that allows users to communicate intuitively and easily.

User Experience Design

CIU’s website goals were prioritized for the core visitors to the site. Special attention was paid to members of the union, members of the media, and staff. The experience was designed to bring attention to important issues and encourage visitors to take action. Wireframes were created to communicate ideas and work towards the best solution with the main stakeholders. The pre-existing content was audited and a content strategy was proposed. The new content strategy focus the content on the core business issues of CIU. The site accomodates content in both English and French, with a link on every page to switch languages when available.

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